Supporting Your Storm Damage Insurance Claim

After a hurricane or severe lightning storm, you could feel relief about holding a solid insurance plan on your property. However, that relief can change to concern and despair if you receive a notice that a claim has been summarily denied. You must support your claim and take additional actions to increase your approval chances; try these suggestions.

Observe Deadlines

Maybe the easiest way to support your claim is to get it in to the right place within the deadline. You can't support a claim that was turned in days or weeks after the company's stated deadlines. Call them directly to inquire about how long you've got to get and submit documents.

Complete the Documents

Many people don't fully know how vital it is for them to read claims documents and answer every question in detail. It's easy to answer simple questions and leave other questions blank because you're not sure. To stay within deadlines you may submit half-completed claims documents and imagine you're "holding your spot" in a way. However, a denial can be issued without any further request for information in some cases. Before handing over information, you may consider bringing on a public adjuster to ensure your documents are done well. These professionals are your advocates in claims cases. The insurance company will have its own adjusters, so having your own is advisable.

Take Pictures

Even if you don't think a ton of photographs will necessarily help you, taking a good number is wise. Everyone may know about the storm that hit your area, but an insurer needs to understand how your property was directly affected. Often, pictures provide most of the evidence. The company could send their own representative around for this purpose, but snap your own clear photos from many angles. If there is a conflict in accounts or damage estimates, your own photos can support you.

Seek Many Estimates

As part of the claim, repair damage estimates are generally requested. Many property owners only send in a single estimate; this isn't always the right course. Multiple estimates bolster other information relayed in the claim and make it harder for an insurer to flat out deny the money you're seeking.

The stress of storm damage may be wearing on your family in the months after the event. Handling a denial of insurance claims could bring on even more strain. Therefore, do your best to use these claims pointers; use an adjuster to support an inform you at every step. Contact a service, like Skipton Claims Management, for more help.

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