Other Smart Ways To Get Cheap Car Insurance

Insurance companies offer a variety of discounts on car insurance, and you certainly should take advantage of any premium-lowering discounts that you qualify for. Discounts are far from the only way to save on car insurance, though. Here are some other smart ways to get cheap car insurance.

Buy an Affordable Car Within Your Budget

Before you even look for car insurance, your choices when buying a car influence how much your insurance premiums will ultimately be. For the cheapest car insurance, buy a highly affordable car that's within your budget. This will help you save on two main car insurance coverages -- collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

When you buy your car outright, you can decide whether to get these two coverages. You don't need to purchase them if you don't want them, and they'll be affordable even if you do get them. Their premiums are based on the value of your car, so buying an affordable car will lead to lower premiums.

In contrast, you must purchase these two coverages if you finance or lease your car. Banks require leasees and loan holders to take out the coverages so that the bank's interest in a car is protected. Moreover, the two coverages frequently cost more since leased and financed cars are often pricier ones.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes from Multiple Insurers

The only way to know whether you're getting the best price on car insurance is to compare quotes from different insurance companies. You can request quotes on your own and compare them, or you can go through an independent insurance broker or agent.

Independent insurance brokers and agents are able to quickly get several quotes on your behalf, and they can go through the quotes to help you compare them. A broker or agent can also make sure that all of the policies' coverages are the same, so you're conducting an accurate comparison of like policies.

Store Your Car in the Garage

If you have the option of storing your car in a garage or other sheltered location, this can save you money on car insurance.

Your premiums will immediately be reduced because insurers consider where a car is normally parked when underwriting policies. Since cars in protected places are less likely to be damaged, insurers charge a little less if you park in a garage. Even if you have to pay for a garage at an apartment building, the added cost might be worth paying since you can save on insurance.

To learn more about cheap car insurance, contact a local insurer near you.

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