3 Main Mistakes To Avoid When Filing A Homeowners Insurance Claim

The main reason for applying for a homeowner's insurance policy is to get cover when the unexpected happens. When you encounter an accident, theft, or your property gets damaged, it's usually the time to start worrying about filling the homeowner's insurance claim. 

Whether the damage is in the public domain and was reported in the press or whether it is a private affair, you need to file an insurance claim to get reimbursed. The problem, however, is that many homeowners don't understand how to fill the claim correctly. Here are three main mistakes you should avoid when filing your homeowner's claim.

Cleaning Up the Mess Before the Insurance Team Arrives

It's natural to want to tidy up your home after an incident like floods, a home break-in, or any other accident that may leave your place untidy. However, against all odds, you should leave everything intact until your insurance company representative arrives and surveys the cost of damage. The insurance company representative (adjuster) should assess the damage and calculate accurate compensation for your benefit. 

Also, you should avoid throwing out the damaged or broken property before they're assessed. If these items are covered in the insurance policy, the adjuster needs to verify they were damaged in the incident to include them in the compensation list.

Not Having Proof of Your Items

When thieves or burglars break into your home, you may lose some of your precious items, including electronics and jewels. When you contact your insurance company to report such incidents, they'll always ask you to present proof of ownership of the stolen item(s). 

Besides keeping receipts of your items, you can always take pictures that can show you own the lost items. You should take inventory of your items at least once a year and maintain an updated list which you can use as proof of ownership when the worst comes to worst.

Failing to Hire an Independent Adjuster 

Not always will the adjuster sent by your insurance company deliver to their level best. Sometimes you may feel the adjuster missed on something, or the costs don't tally up. Most homeowners silently settle for the initial costs given by the insurance company and fail to go a step further to claim what they should rightly get.

When all these happen, you can hire an independent adjuster with a state license to help you achieve more accurate claims. While this will cost you a percentage of your insurance settlement, it will earn you better compensation than what your insurance company could give.

To learn more about homeowners insurance, contact a company near you.

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