Don't Overlook The Following Home Insurance Coverage

If you're currently shopping around for home insurance, you likely feel overwhelmed by all of the coverage that you can pick to protect your home. However, be aware that there are coverage options that are often overlooked by homeowners. That's why it's so important to know the types of home insurance coverage that go beyond the basics so that you know you are covered in a worst-case scenario.

Additional Living Expenses

There may come a time when you're unable to live in your home due to a disaster. It could be something as small as a kitchen fire that requires you to live in a hotel for a few days, or a catastrophic loss where your entire home is destroyed. This is where your additional living expenses coverage can assist you. 

Homeowner insurance can help cover all of the costs associated with not being able to live in your home. This includes the cost of living in a hotel or rental home, additional money spent on going out to eat, emergency purchases to get back on your feet, and things of that nature. Additional living expenses coverage can be invaluable during the initial days after a disaster. 

Personal Liability Protection

Many people think that home insurance is only used to protect the physical home when damage happens. However, home insurance can also help protect you from losing your home due to a lawsuit. If someone were to get injured on your property and try to sue you for the damages, it's possible that you can lose your home if you lose a lawsuit. Personal liability protection can prevent that from happening.

Your personal liability coverage will pay for the damages caused to another person if you were at fault for causing them harm. This includes incidents such as a slip and fall accident or being bitten by a dog. Since your home is an asset that can be sought after if you lose a lawsuit, it makes sense that home insurance can protect you from this potential risk. 

Water Damage Coverage

It's important to understand the types of water damage that can happen to your home, and what incidents are and are not covered. If you have a pipe burst in your home, know that this type of damage is covered under your basic home insurance policy. However, there are other types of water damage that are not.

Sewer backup coverage protects you if water were to enter your home unexpectedly through your drains, which can happen due to a sewer line being damaged or clogged. Flood damage protects you from incidents where water enters your home from the outside, such as water entering through a window well. While both types of incidents involve water entering your home, they require two different types of coverage to have full protection. 

For more info about single-family home insurance, contact a local company. 

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